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 The Eurograde model cash ratings are:

For commercial premises, the insurers may multiply by up to 5 times to give a content cover other than cash. For instance, £10,000 cash cover will give you £50,000 jewellery cover. In domestic situations, they multiply the cash cover by ten, ie £10,000 cash, £100,000 jewellery cover.

The object of a Graded safe is that insurers/underwriters must accept the cash rating guidelines set independently by the ABI (Association of British Insurers). In practice this also means that if you buy say, a Chubb Eurograde 1 in England and you move to another European country, the same insurance cash rating should be recognised. The Ace Safe Co Ltd can supply new and reconditioned safes throughout Europe and the rest of the World.

Some manufacturers produce new safes at cash limits lower than eurograde levels, in these instances, the manufacturer will seek individual guidance for its cash levels from major insurance companies. This means that certain manufacturer models are perfectly acceptable for limits upto £10,000. However, individual insurance companies may vary in their rating of each model