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Single cylinder/thumbturn Grade 6, level 1. 74mm
All UK oval cylinders meet EN1303 and are supplied with 3 keys as standard, fixings and Key Security Card.
ABLOY® NOVEL key is symmetrical (the key could be inserted intο the key opening either side up).
Material: The blade is made of all-metal and coated with nickel, the bow is made of durable plastic.
The bow of the key includes indicator mark which makes it easy to distinguish between different keys
Suitable for locking high security level buildings, such as apartment buildings, private houses, commercial and office buildings, public buildings, etc.

ABLOY® NOVEL key and key black are patented until 2027


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CY312 UK Oval Cylinder & Thumbturn

Product Code C-20-CY312-VL-SC-DF

CY312 UK Oval Cylinder & Thumbturn Novel