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Codoor CD3500 with 8761 night latch package
Codoor CD3500 with 8761 night latch package
Codoor CD3500 with 8761 night latch package
Codoor CD3500 with 8761 night latch package
Codoor CD3500 with 8761 night latch package

Product Description

CODOOR CD3500 complete with 70mm 8761 lock case, Assa 6640 handles, 2356 accesory set and P601 external cylinder with 2 keys.

Codoor is a self-contained battery-powered system used with ASSA mechanical lockcases. It may be used with any Modular or Evolution 70mm backset lockcase with a lever handle follower, though we recommend that a cylinder override is also specified.

  • Requires entry of a 4-digit passcode in the correct sequence.
  • 10,000 codes available, up to 9 codes may be stored at once.
  • Always-open function available.
  • Low-power warning, anti-tamper features and diagnostic mode.
  • Programmed from the keypad.

70mm 8761 Emergency Night-latch without lock-back
Locks for exit doors offering a high degree of security, but with unrestricted exit in an emergency. Ideally suited for emergency doors in hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, offices etc.
Bolt deadlocks automatically when door is closed.
Available with either 50mm or 70mm backset.
Can be included as part of a total security system, including mechanical and electrical devices. Striking plate is included. Cylinder and accessories bolt through lockcase for added strength.
Key can only be removed in locked (or locked-back) position.
Bolt reversible without opening lockcase.

6640 Unsprung Lever handle set in satin chrome.

Sprung handles of solid brass for general and heavy use. 
Suitable for ASSA or most other makes of lock case

Supplied with bolt through fixings and 8mm spindle

2356 Accessory kit required when using Assa modular lock cases and cylinders.
External 13mm cylinder ring and internal blind rose.


P601 Single cylinder (outside)
ASSA 600 (6-Pin)
Six pin tumblers incorporating anti-picking features.
Medium physical security.
Heavy duty keys made from hard-wearing nickel silver.
Supplied with 2 keys as standard


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Codoor CD3500 with 8761 night latch package

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Codoor CD3500 9 user privacy Lock

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